STAT Emergency Center received a 100 percent overall rating with zero deficiencies. The state agency surveyed clinical, radiology, lab pharmacy, medical records, administration, physician files, patient surveys, and all other operational protocols. It has been noted that only a few emergency rooms in the state of Texas have received this remarkable rating by the department.

Other noteworthy mentions are, the facility’s laboratory received accreditation from the Commission of Laboratory Accreditation (COLA) agency with a score of 99%. In addition, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy performed an audit of our facility’s pharmacy and found us to be 100% compliant, with zero deficiencies.

Grace Padron, Director of Operations, made the official announcement on the high ratings and would like to recognize the following staff members: Krisdian Uribe-Facility Administrator, Melissa Gonzalez-Assistant Administrator, Veronica Aguilar-Director of Nursing, Juan Ortiz-ER Manager, Jesse Silva-Director of Radiology, and Sebastian T. Padron, MD-Medical Director; as well as our ER physician staff, registration clerks, clinical and environmental service staff for their hard work and due diligence.

Freestanding emergency rooms are part of a new modern era in emergency care and services. Stat Emergency Centers’ different approach in modernizing facilities, implementing fast registration processes, prompt triage, patient diagnosis, treatment by an experienced/board certified emergency physician, and ultimately offering an array of concierge-style services is what sets us apart from other emergency rooms.

We asked the opinion of our Director of Nursing, Veronica Aguilar RN, whose vast experience qualifies her response on why patients choose STAT ER? Aguilar states, “Patients who walk through our doors expect attention to detail, quality care, expedient service, excellent sanitary control measures, always be seen by an ER physician, and maintaining exceptional standards in service and accountability.”

At STAT Emergency Center, we understand these expectations and work diligently to ensure that we deliver the best emergency care and service in the health industry.

Stat Emergency Center of Laredo is a freestanding emergency room with a team of ER trained physicians, nurses, and technologists that are available 24/7. We use the latest equipment and technology of a modern hospital emergency room, including CT scans, bedside emergency ultrasound, digital radiology, and a full clinical laboratory ─ all in the comfort of an upscale clinical environment right in your neighborhood. Stat Emergency Center of Laredo is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

We now offer 2 convenient locations at:

“Trusted for Our Experience, Chosen for Our Care”

January 28, 2016
Written by Javier Solis Jr.
Director of Marketing