But eating more consciously doesn’t have to be void of flavor, and you don’t need to hire a world-class chef to cook every meal.
Just in time to help you resist breaking some of those resolutions, here are some recipes that can all be made conveniently and deliciously in a crockpot! They can be ready and waiting for you after a long day of work.


Slow Cooker Beef Stew
Beef stew is perfect for those cold winter nights when you want to cuddle up with a bowl of something hot underneath the blankets. This is the perfect option if you want all the comfort of a stew, but not all the calories. The ingredients are affordable and prep takes only 10 minutes!


Crock Pot Sesame Honey Chicken
Sesame honey chicken is incredibly versatile and a crowd pleaser. If you’re looking for a dish to impress friends, this is the meal for you. It’s simple to make but tastes like you’ve been cooking for hours. Your friends will never know the slow cooker did most of the work.
Shred the chicken once it’s done cooking and make lettuce wraps for an even healthier option. To make the meal heartier, add rice or make a sandwich with a sweet bun and lettuce.


Crock Pot Banana Bread Quinoa
For vegetarians, this is a great breakfast option. It tastes just like banana bread, but for a fraction of the calories. The quinoa is packed with healthy carbohydrates, and bananas are full of potassium. Add a scoop of ice cream for dessert later on or refrigerate the leftovers in mason jars.


Spicy Cajun Shrimp and Rice
This is the perfect recipe if you’re looking for a hearty meal with a kick. Cajun shrimp and rice is a healthy and filling alternative to gumbo, especially if you’re a fan of traditional southern cooking. You can easily substitute the rice for a more heart healthy carbohydrate, like quinoa or barley. Add sausage if you want more protein, or crab meat.


Slow Cooker Maple Dijon Chicken and Broccoli
The key to this recipe is the chicken thighs. They’re juicy, less prone to dry out like other parts of a chicken and cheap, which makes them a great option if you’re on a budget. If you can, get them bone in to keep the meat moist.
The maple Dijon sauce is a perfect balance between tangy and sweet. Place the broccoli, or any vegetable of your choice, underneath the thighs and they’ll catch some of the marinade. If you want a crispier skin, broil the thighs in the oven for a few minutes after they’re done cooking and voila!


Slow Cooker Flank Steak Fajitas
Throw these in your slow cooker if you’ve got errands all day and you’re hosting a party later. Certain cuts of meat can become tough once you cook them, but a slow cooker guarantees tender, juicy meat that falls apart. These are a crowd pleaser – just set up a fajitas bar with all the toppings and you’re set!


Pesto Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms
Eating more consciously doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. Instead, try to incorporate more balanced meals, like this pesto lasagna.
The spinach and mushrooms are packed with nutrients, like vitamin A and potassium. Just make sure to buy whole wheat pasta, which has more nutritional benefits than the usual white, processed pasta. It’s also easily adapted into a gluten free meal if you have dietary restrictions.


Clean Eating Slow Cooker Fudge
Don’t be fooled by the name – this fudge tastes so decadent you’ll think it’s bad for you. Made with dark chocolate, coconut milk and honey, this fudge is a treat for your taste buds and your health. And it’s perfect around the holidays to individually wrap as gifts for friends and family! Simple and delicious, these are guaranteed to become a favorite treat.
Don’t let a busy workday stop you from eating healthily. Making health conscious and delicious meals doesn’t have to break the bank or occupy your whole day. Try these recipes and you’ll love slow cookers as much as we do!

February 4, 2016
Written by Bailey Morgan
Content Writer at Nutex Health, Inc

Let us know what recipes you tried and loved!
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