Please allow us to provide you an insight on the “First” Freestanding Emergency Room in Laredo, TX. At Stat ER we have more than a clear objective; we have a solid foundation when it comes to knowledge, skills, experience and operations in emergency room settings.

To really get to know us is to understand us…Our facilities are directed by emergency medicine practicing physicians and managers who not only have the knowledge and skills, but the many years of experience working in emergency department settings. Our managing physician partners have provided services at different hospitals in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Harlingen, Eagle Pass and Laredo—just to mention a few. Our vast experience and a proven track record in providing absolute care and service excellence which is delivered to our patients sets us apart.

Where did the concept of Freestanding Emergency Rooms derive from?

The idea came about from Emergency Medicine Physicians who for many years practiced at traditional emergency rooms. These physicians wanted more autonomy in the care and operations of emergency departments. It was in 2002 that the freestanding emergency center concept began to evolve.

Stat Emergency Center facilities are strategically planned and designed with the best patient care services in mind. Our Board Member team is comprised of four outstanding Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians with many years of experience in caring for patients in various emergency room settings. As well as a top Corporate Executive who brings many years of experience in the financial operations of private and healthcare entities.

Meet our Physician Board Member Team and Chief Financial Advisor in Healthcare setting…

Dr. Thomas Vo, MD Board Certified Emergency Medicine – Manager
Dr. Michael Chang, Board Certified Emergency Medicine- Manager
Dr. Paul Alleyne, Board Certified Emergency Medicine- Manager
Dr. Sebastian T. Padron, Board Certified Emergency & Internal Medicine- Manager
Mr. Dan Lonergan, MBA, CFO – Manager

Meet our Physicians…

Stat North Stat South
Dr. Salvador Abrams Dr. Eutimio Calixto-Lopez
Dr. Carlos Crespo Dr. Raul Cantu-Willman
Dr. Raul Cantu-Willman Dr. Horacio Díaz
Dr. Horacio Díaz Dr. Adam Edwards
Dr. Adam Edwards Dr. Arturo Garza
Dr. Arturo Garza Dr. Francisco Gutierrez
Dr. Sebastian T. Padron Dr. Sebastian T. Padron
Dr. Israel Tellez Dr. Jaime Pinero
Dr. Charles Schwartz

Experience is key to the care you receive…Bringing you Peace of Mind

In order to bring the best emergency room service, care and operations to patients in any city or county—whether you are a local physician or not, you must know emergency medicine and understand patient’s needs. We at Stat ER surpass the standard by having met all the criteria that the American College of Emergency Medicine set forth in emergency medicine care and service.

Many of our local physicians and leadership team bring immense knowledge of our local and surrounding communities’ needs. We are a well-rounded organization in which all input from our local physicians and staff is taken into consideration and mostly implemented to have a top-notch facility that meets the needs of our patients.
Our 24/7 hands-on approach for operating our facilities and providing a sense of ownership to our clinical staff and physicians is the fundamental difference. Our physicians are fully committed by venturing into a partnership with our organization. As vested partners they have a sense of independence in treating and consulting with patients in a more personalized level; ensuring that the highest quality in care and service is delivered to all patients. The majority of our physician team have set roots in the great city of Laredo. Our Medical Director has served the Laredo community for more than 35 years.

“Patients don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!” This is evident in our approach and to which our mission statement reads: To assure that responsibility for life is met with the highest standards in care, respect, dignity and humility.

Unprecedented ratings received by State Compliance Agencies…

As a company we have met all the standards in service, patient care and operations. All of our three facilities (Laredo North, South & Eagle Pass) have scored an unprecedented rating in Texas by meeting compliance and having no deficiencies in patient care and operations.

Texas Department of State Health Services 100% Compliance, Zero Deficiencies
Texas State Board of Pharmacy 100% Compliance, Zero Deficiencies
COLA (Clinical Laboratory Accreditation) 100% Compliance, Zero Deficiencies

Local Recognition
2018 Laredo Morning Times Readers’ Choice “Best Standalone Emergency Center”

More than just an ER, We are committed to the communities we serve…

It’s not just our bedside manner that distinguishes our facilities from other freestanding & traditional emergency rooms. Our facilities’ streamlined operation allows for faster & efficient results. As previously mentioned, we are the only local emergency department that has received those unprecedented ratings by all three state regulatory agencies.

We are more than just an ER…Our Physician Partners embrace our community culture and way of life. They are multi-faceted, experienced and bilingual (all speak fluent Spanish). STAT Emergency Center’s goal is to provide the care and service this community deserves. We are committed to advocating healthcare, promoting educational development in our schools, and giving back to the community by participating in charitable causes. In addition, we strongly support all our law enforcement agencies, specifically in time of emergency need while on duty. This is instrumental to not over burden our city/county as well as having our officers back to serving and protecting our citizens. We are also proud to locally employ more than 80 staff members combined.

No matter the injury or ailment, you can count on our team to deliver Absolute Care & Service Excellence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.