The accessibility of medical treatment has improved greatly over the past few years. Now you can be seen, treated and on your way home in less than an hour at stand-alone facilities, like stand-alone emergency centers and urgent care centers. But not both of these medical facilities are able to provide the same level of care for patients.

When it comes to addressing your immediate medical needs, you should be informed about the best options for your care. Here’s what you should know about urgent care centers and how they differ from stand-alone emergency care centers.


Unlike emergency care centers, urgent care centers are not prepared to handle severe trauma or life-threatening conditions. These physicians usually aren’t trained to deal with medical emergencies and they don’t carry the necessary equipment to treat them. Stand-alone emergency care centers, like Stat Emergency Center of Laredo, are equipped with X-ray and CT scan machines as well as expertly trained emergency physicians. These physicians are prepared to treat anything from a flu or severe abdominal pain to a broken arm.
Urgent care centers are meant to treat minor injuries and non-life threatening conditions that require attention outside of a general physician’s normal operating hours. Some of these conditions include mild sprains, low-grade fevers and cuts requiring stitches. When minutes count in a medical emergency, make sure you’re seeking treatment from a properly equipped facility.


Unlike stand-alone emergency room facilities, urgent care centers do not accept all private insurance plans because of certain state laws. Upon further research it was discovered that at most urgent care facilities, Medicaid and CHIP insurances are not accepted as well. Considerable expenses can still be incurred at urgent care facilities if the visit is not covered through your insurance plan. Calling ahead and researching your treatment options is the best way to avoid unanticipated costs.

Hours of Operation

Urgent care centers have limited hours of operation, often only extended a few hours after a physician’s own office hours. Stand-alone emergency care centers like Stat Emergency Center of Laredo are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing immediate and accessible medical treatment.

Level of Care and Service

Urgent care centers don’t provide the same level of privacy and care as stand-alone emergency care centers. For example, urgent care centers often don’t provide individual rooms. Instead, all of the patients are kept in one large room, only separated by a curtain surrounding the beds. Stand-alone emergency care centers, like Stat Emergency Center of Laredo, provide each patient with a suite-style, private room. These rooms often have seating areas for family or friends so that treatment is as comfortable as possible.
While you’ll often be taken into your private room soon after arrival at stand-alone emergency care centers, patients are usually made to wait with other people until a physician can see them at urgent care centers.

When it comes to treatment for your medical emergency, make sure you know your options. At Stat Emergency Center of Laredo, we understand the need for quick and compassionate care for all of our patients. Our state-of-the-art facility provides concierge-level care and affordable treatment. Let us know some of your experiences at stand-alone emergency care centers!

April 27, 2016
Written by Bailey Morgan
Content Writer at Nutex Health, Inc

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