In order to best assist our community during this pandemic crisis STAT Specialty Hospital’s leadership team, Mrs. Ceci Martínez-Lozano, CEO and Dr. Jaime J. Gutierrez, Medical Director (Local Health Authority) have been working together with STAT Specialty Hospital’s Corporate Partners in San Antonio, Laredo and Houston to provide fast turnaround times for COVID-19 testing.

We understand the high concerns of our community, healthcare workers, front-line personnel (Law Enforcement, EMS, Funeral Homes), essential workers and their families needing immediate easy access to testing and quick results. Following CDC Guidelines STAT Specialty Hospital will test front-line workers, essential workers and families, no physician order required.

STAT has secured expedient lab services to better serve and protect our community from the possibility of getting infected and or the mental anguish of not knowing if you may be asymptomatic (no symptoms) and possibly infecting one’s family or community. Lab results are typically received between 24-48 hours from the time the specimen is logged by the lab.

STAT Specialty Hospital in Del Rio, through our sister locations, has immediate access to an allotment of swabs to meet the Del Rio and local area needs. We have the ability to swab 100 patients per day. Both STAT and Dr. Gutierrez’s Clinic staff have received thorough training in proper nasal swabbing, specimen collection, shipment packing and handling of specimens to be sent to our partnering lab.

STAT Specialty Hospital is serving our community by offering OUTPATIENT SERVICE TESTING FOR COVID-19’s PCR (Gold Standard Test which confirms you have COVID-19) and SEROLOGY test (non-confirmatory, measures immunity if you have had COVID-19). You will have access to an easy registration process, drive up (in order to minimize exposure) and get tested.

You may call STAT Specialty Hospital to set-up an appointment from Monday–Friday between 8-5 PM. For questions or to schedule an appointment please call 830-498-3000.