Mayor Pro-Tem Mr. Esteban Rangel offered words of support and spoke of the outstanding benefits that STAT Emergency Center Of Laredo has to offer to the citizens of Laredo and surrounding cities.

The Director of Operations Mrs. Graciela Padron offered special recognition to the medical community, city officials, first responders and law enforcement agencies. She provided a beautiful insight as to how “free-standing” emergency centers operate.

Medical Director and governing board member Dr. Sebastian Padron delivered a heartwarming poignant speech in which he thanked the many people who made it possible for STAT Emergency Center Of Laredo to come to fruition.

Director of Finance & governing board member Mr. Dan Lonergan also delivered an informative speech of “making the dream a reality” for the team.

STAT’s Facility Administrator, Mrs. Krisdian Uribe recognized different management team members and staff as she spoke of the center and its future providing emergency services for the city.

Master of ceremonies Ms. Deborah Jo Adams, STAT’s Marketing Director and Public Relations Officer, also recognized community leaders as well as the medical community and city officials.

Managing partners Dr. Tom Vo, Dr. Mike Chang, and Dr. Paul Alleyne are excited about this new era and confident that the services will provide the best for the citizens of Laredo and surrounding cities.

This is Laredo’s FIRST free-standing emergency center! Going forward, look for STAT Emergency Center Of Laredo’s second location to open in South Laredo in the Fall of 2015. Please visit our website for additional information about our services!