Residents should brace for a particularly brutal run of illness because this season’s influenza could turn out to be a nasty one. They’ve only been open 12 days but the staff at Stat Emergency Center of Laredo has already confirmed more than 20 cases of influenza Type-A. Type “A” H3N2 virus, a strain that mutated after the flu vaccine was developed. Melissa is the director at the center gave us some helpful advice to ward off the flu. “Hand Hygiene is the most important, using the hand sanitizer, staying away from people that are sick but pretty much washing, washing washing hands”, said Melisa Jamez. The Center for Disease Control says the flu is now widespread in 36 states. The CDC suggests if you have not been vaccinated yet this season, it is not too late. The CDC recommends taking anti-viral medications to treat flu illness if your doctor prescribes them.