For more than five months Ryan Herrera has been applying at different places around town.

Herrera says, “Still nothing, nothing, i haven’t gotten an answer.”

After returning from Florida, Herrera says the job market seems bleak.

“I was in Pensacola working at ‘Subway. It’s kinda hard” said Herrera

But the number of employers in Laredo, could be going up. That’s because commercial building permits are up.

That means new businesses are moving into town, specifically North Laredo.

Ramon Chavez is the building development director for the City of Laredo.

Chavez says, “There’s a new burger franchise that’s coming in, there’s an emergency center being built and of course the Alamo Draft House.”

In 2012 the city of Laredo handed out 127 commercial permits. Last year that number increased to 207.

“In my experience it’s very good growth we have not seen in the past” said Chavez.

Herrera hopes that will mean a job for him. “Continue job searching,I hope to get one soon.” said Herrera

Chavez adds in a report he presented to City Council two months ago there’s growth all around Laredo.

He says you may see it in the north more because Loop 20 and McPherson are busier streets.

Also coming to the area around Loop 20 and McPherson, a Taco Bell, a car dealership,a Firehouse Subs and storage units.