The holidays should be spent with our friends and family, not sick with the flu or cold, stuck in bed all day. Don’t miss out on making any memories with your loved ones this year. We’re listing 3 of the most common misconceptions about hand washing for National Hand Washing Week.

Myth: Hand sanitizer works just as well as hand soap.
Fact: if your hands are visibly dirty, hand sanitizer is much less effective at ridding yourself of any harmful germs. Opt for soap and a sink, instead.

Myth: Washing just my palms and the top of my hands is enough.
Fact: While that’s a great place to start, it’s definitely not enough. Germs thrive in dark, warm environments so don’t forget to wash in all the nooks and crannies, like under your nails and in between your fingers.

Myth: Hand dryers are more sterile than regular paper towels.
Fact: Research has shown that hand dryers can be a festering ground for colds, the flu and other illnesses. They can even expel germs up to a few feet when turned on. Paper towels are actually more hygienic.

Not sure where to wash? Check out our hand washing guide below.

hand washing guide

Want to know more? Check out the CDC’s tips on hand washing.

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