STAT Emergency Center of Laredo and Liquid Studio Group have teamed up to become a cohesive group with a common goal. Bringing into being a service that Laredo needed, a concept was created to educate our community what convenient new choice was out there. We are happy to work with a group of people that can adapt and understand our needs. We reached out to Liquid in order to drive more traffic and increase engagement. They were able to craft our message in a way that could be shared.

By revolutionizing the delivery of emergency medical services for adult and pediatric emergencies, located on 2502 NE Bob Bullock Loop, STAT Emergency Center of Laredo works hard to remain on the forefront of emergency care. Freestanding emergency rooms are a relative new concept in the health care field. Rooms that are designed to provide the same treatment and procedures found in a hospital emergency department. Having a convenient neighborhood alternative where you can avoid the traditional common wait has left nothing but satisfied customers.

As Liquid Studio Group continues to be a leading web design firm; they pride themselves in taking advantage of technology to capture customers. Building that welcoming “front door” for us has boosted our exposure. There was never a limit to the service that was provided to us. They managed to first do research to ensure that any opportunity we had in mind would reach our target customers.

Liquid Studio Group has found what the right mix of media is for us.