STAT Specialty Hospital stands ready to meet this challenge by offering our patients state-of-the-art testing for the coronavirus. In doing so, we can rapidly identify those who may be infected and offer the best treatment plan for our patients; thus helping “flatten the curve.”

STAT has the ability to test for COVID-19 as long as you meet one of three components: (1) CDC testing criteria, (2) provide an outpatient laboratory order by your physician or (3) our Emergency Room physician prescribes this test for you. STAT has two ways (and soon three) to test for COVID-19. We offer the FDA-approved PCR test to look for the virus particles in the nose. This is the gold-standard for Coronavirus testing in the world right now. Despite the lack of supplies and delays in testing across the U.S., we are proud of our 24-48 hour turn-around time for the PCR test, and we have secured an adequate supply for the Laredo community.

STAT also stands at the forefront of testing with the use of the second kind of test for COVID-19: a blood test is done at the bedside looking for the body’s immune response to the Coronavirus with results within 20 minutes! All it takes is a few drops of blood from a finger prick, like a diabetes blood sugar test. This technology is so new that it is NOT FDA-approved yet. But because Stat understands the danger this pandemic poses to Laredo, we acted fast to secure a supply of this test after doing a great deal of research in making sure the science behind this blood test is sound. But because this test is not FDA-approved, we will use the blood test in a responsible manner in addition to the PCR test as your clinical condition dictates. With these 2 tests, our turnaround times will provide the first test results within 20 minutes and the PCR results will be available within 24 to 48 hours.

The use of BOTH tests, therefore, allows our doctors and nurses to best take care of your COVID-19 needs and that of our community.

Furthermore, relatively soon we should have the capacity to run the PCR test within STAT Specialty Hospital with a 1-hour turn-around time using our state-of-the-art BioFire molecular testing system; the test has just been FDA-approved. Although the Department of Defense has appropriated most of these tests to highly affected areas, through our physician partnership network, STAT is working to secure and is expecting to be one of the first hospitals in Texas to acquire these test kits.

Lastly, STAT is in the process of pioneering a telemedicine platform specifically for COVID-19 so you don’t have to leave your home to get the advice you need. We anticipate going live within a week for our patients who are interested in joining this platform.

In this time of stress and uncertainty, rest assured that STAT is working hard to keep you safe and healthy. Let’s all play our part by practicing social distancing and washing our hands consistently.