Stat Specialty Hospital is excited to announce the addition of outpatient diagnostic services at its South location. Patients can now receive 24/7/365 outpatient services at all Stat Specialty Hospital locations.

The hospital aims to provide timely and efficient medical tests and procedures, recognizing the value of patients’ time. Outpatient services such as CT scans, x-rays, and laboratory testing can be time-consuming, but Stat Specialty Hospital strives to make the process easier and faster for patients and their families.

The South facility offers imaging and laboratory testing close to home, with the exception of MRIs. To access outpatient services, patients need a referral from their primary care physician, which can be dropped off in person or sent via fax.

Once the order is received, the hospital’s team will handle the pre-authorization process with private insurance companies and inform patients of the approval. For patients seeking affordable options, Stat Specialty Hospital offers self-pay plans, potentially reducing out-of-pocket costs and eliminating the need to wait for insurance approvals.

Individual self-pay pricing will be discussed with each patient in person.


Read the entire press release below:

STAT South Outpatient Services 2023